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Your Solar System Design & Build: 4 Simple Steps

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1. Scheduling Your Solar Cosultation Appointment

Not everyone in Virginia qualifies for solar panel installation. That’s why, the first step of the solar panel process is to speak with one of our expert representatives to set up a free, no-commitment appointment. During the initial consultation, we’ll explain the operational process for solar panels and help you determine if you qualify. You can expect your Skyline Solar representative to ask you questions about how much sun your home gets throughout the day, the age of your roof, and financing options. Our solar team will also give you an overview of the solar incentives on the federal and local levels that can benefit you and help you determine if solar is the right option for you. We are always happy to answer any lingering questions you may have. Then, the design process can begin.

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2. System Design & Proposal

When you make the amazing decision to go solar, the real work will begin. Arguably, the most important part of the entire process is the design of the solar system. The design is similar to a blueprint of your home. Measurements of the roof and slope are taken, everything is mapped out in extensive detail, the best products are chosen - all to make the build process go flawlessly. Our solar company also takes into account outlying factors including your budget, the roof size, and the number of panels required, sunlight exposure throughout the day, and the amount of energy needed to be generated. Skyline Solar ensures that no factor is overlooked. 

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3. Permitting & Solar Panel Installation 

Leave the heavy lifting to the solar experts. During the solar installation process, you don’t have to lift a finger. This includes all the local state permitting for your property. We employ solar installation specialists to guarantee your panels are installed to your liking. This process can appear intricate, however, it’s made up of installing racking, wiring the panels to the inverters & electrical system, and mounting the panels on the racking system. If you choose to save excess energy via battery storage, our Skyline Solar pros will also install those at this step in the process. Our company stands by the projects we install and ensure that every system is reliable and durable for you to enjoy for the years to come.

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solar panels for home activation

4. Activation & Understanding Warranties 

The time has come to activate and flip the switch on your new solar system! Before you enjoy the savings, we want you to know: we’re a reliable company, just like other solar companies who claim the same. The difference is that we find companies to work with who have the most comprehensive warranties so that, no matter what happens, you’re covered. After your system is installed, our solar technicians will educate and answer questions you have about your specific solar warranty, on the exceedingly rare occasion that something goes wrong.

Skyline Solar is there for you when it matters most. In the future, if you ever have any questions related to your new system or warranty, just call us up and we’ll explain everything to you. Our company is committed to spreading high-quality solar across the United States, to numerous qualifying homes and businesses. 


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