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The Federal Tax Credit Can Be Applied to Your New Solar Panel System

Right now is the time to go solar. Why you may ask? The #1 reason: the solar panel tax credit. Technically, this is free money in your pocket at the end of the year. The federal tax credit (ITC) provides you with 26% credit on the total cost of your solar panel installation project. But, there’s a catch. In 2021, the solar panel tax credit decreases to only 22%. In 2022, it disappears completely for residential homeowners. Skyline Solar is on a mission to help homeowners and commercial business owners take advantage of this amazing credit before it disappears for good!

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Solar Panel Systems Create Savings & Return on Investment

Sometimes, customers are concerned about upfront costs but don’t think about the saving or ROI associated with solar panel installation. Over a twenty-year timeframe, the average solar panel owner will save between $14,000-20,000 on their electricity bill. In essence, your solar panel system pays for itself. Moreover, this means that a residential homeowner will receive a complete return on their investment in the solar panels, paying for all of their electricity in the meantime. An added bonus: solar panels can increase your property value about 2-3% making you more money when you decide to sell your home!

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Lessen Your Carbon Footprint via Solar Panel Installation

In this day and age, we find that consumers are more concerned about “going green” and lessening their carbon footprint. Solar panel systems are an integral piece of the puzzle. When a home generates electricity through solar energy, it is creating sustainable, renewable energy. Every year you generate electricity with solar panels is equivalent to planting 127 trees. This is because you’d be preventing greenhouse gas emissions of 7 tons of carbon. What better way to decrease your carbon footprint? 

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Giving Back to the Community Through Your Home’s Solar Panel System

Imagine the day when you’d no longer have to depend on the utility company to supply electricity from the grid. You’d be in charge of your electricity and power. AND you’d have the opportunity to give back to the community while saving & making money. The solar industry is creating more jobs in local areas, employing salespeople, solar technicians, engineers, and production jobs. Furthermore, when you generate more electricity than your home utilizes, you have excess energy that you can put back into the grid for your neighbors to use. Your meter will “go backward” in a sense, and you would receive credit or money at the end of the year for this.


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The moment to take advantage of solar panels is NOW! The incentives are beginning to diminish & we want to make sure our solar customers save the most money possible. Whether you’re a business owner in need of commercial solar panels or a residential homeowner wanting to create more financial freedom, Skyline Solar has the solar service options and solar products for you!

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