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Highest-Quality Solar Modules

Solar modules are what most people think about when they hear about solar products. Modules are the solar panels or photovoltaic panel, the part of the entire system that captures the energy from the sun. At Skyline Solar, we only offer and install the most superior, top-rated brands supplying modules for solar systems. If you're not sure which brand-name to choose, call to speak with one of our energy consultants and we'll be happy to walk you through the specs for each!

Secure Racking & Mounting for your Solar Panel System

solar racking system

When our solar contractors install your roof's solar racking, or as otherwise known, mounting system, this is to ensure the long-lasting durability of the equipment. The racking will provide an incredibly stable base in order for your solar panel system to withstand strong storms & weather. Additionally, the mounting system is essential because it protects the intricate solar wiring connecting the panels to the electrical grid. Skyline Solar uses only the best quality brands on the solar market. If you ever have questions about our suppliers, feel free to reach out and ask! Our knowledgable staff can provide you with recommendations on which brand to choose as well as warranty options.

Efficient Solar Energy Inverters

solar energy invertors

While the sun is a wonderful energy source, a home cannot utilize the sun's energy as is. First, this energy is converted into a form that is usable. The part of the system that completes this job is called the inverter. An inverter can transfer the direct current from the sun into alternating current electricity, or rather, the types that your home appliances and light switches use. However, when choosing an inverter brand, it's important to find one that can obtain the maximum amount of power from the captured sunlight. This ensures that your home is able to independently generate the most energy possible. Give Skyline Solar a ring on the phone to discover the best inverter to match to your solar installation project.

Unparalleled Solar Storage & Battery Power

solar battery power
Some homeowners conserve their home's energy and use less than what is being produced by their solar panel system. So, what is done with the excess power generated? Stored in batteries. Solar power storage is essential to your system. If you live in a climate that is sunny most days, the chances are you'll be creating extra power. Your solar panel system will store than in the batteries and be able to use it if there's a rainy or snowy day which isn't generating as much power. Moreover, if you have battery storage, you'll never have to work about accessing your town's electricity grid or worry about "going over" what your system can generate for you and your family.


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets


Spec Sheets

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With thousands of installs to date, our partners have the experience to design, build, and install efficient and effective residential or commercial solar systems. Check out our featured projects, give us a call, and learn why going solar with Skyline Solar is the right move!
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When you choose to put your faith in Skyline Solar, you've made a commitment to sustainability, financial freedom, and will soon create your own solar power. Whether you require resources on the high-quality solar products on the market or need us to design your solar panels for your home, we're the solar professionals for you.

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